Kubota parts to keep your Kubota perform at its peak

The strict manufacturing of genuine Kubota parts guarantees the peak performance of your Kubota machinery over the years. It is because the high-quality Kubota parts are repeatedly tested before they are sold into the market.

The various dealer networks of Kubota allow you to browse through a comprehensive list of genuine Kubota parts. Kubota customers gain a superior level of support and service with the variety of off-the-shelf and consumable parts stocked by Kubota national dealers.

To this end, it’s highly recommended that the availing of warranty, safety, efficiency, and reliability is achieved when you only choose to purchase genuine Kubota parts.

Why replacing parts is important

The best and only way to ensure peak performance from your Kubota machinery is to regularly replace worn parts. The common Kubota parts that should be regularly checked and replaced once worn include:

Changing the air cleaner element

Damaged or clogged air cleaner elements can result in the breaking down of the machinery’s engine. The dust and impurities entering the engine result in an insufficient air supply. The combustion system of the engine can only work at its best with a steady supply of sufficient air.

Changing the oils

Fuel use increases with the deterioration of power in the various parts of the machinery. The culprit to all these issues is contaminated or shortage of oil. Engine breakdown is the result when oil changing is not made a part of the maintenance list.

Changing the filters

The internal components of the machine are compromised when the filters are clogged with dirt, dust, and other impurities. Machine breakdown is expected to happen with the clogged filters affecting machine performance.

Genuine Kubota parts

Choosing or opting for only Kubota genuine parts guarantees longevity and peak performance for your Kubota machinery. While genuine Kubota parts may cost a bit compared to lesser-known brands, maintaining the power of your machine year after year gives value for money.

Air cleaner element

Preventing engine wear and tear for a longer time is achieved by opting for Kubota air cleaner elements. Ensuring purified air and dust removal from the machine’s engine and other internal components are guaranteed by using the air cleaner element by Kubota.

Engine Oil

The effects and benefits gained from choosing Kubota engine oil include:

  • Sealing power. Power loss is prevented when the seal fills the gap between the cylinder and piston during combustion cycle pressure drops.
  • Lubricating power. An oil coating action on the surfaces of the engine and other components of the machine is created with the help of lubrication oil. Smooth performance is assured when the wearing of parts operating at high speed is protected by the lubricating oil.
  • Cleansing power. Metal and soot particles are contaminants that can hinder the parts from performing at their best. The cleansing power provided by the engine oil washes away all contaminants, thus preventing them from accumulating.
  • Coolant power. The extreme heat generated inside the engine can deform the various parts. Coating the parts with engine oil helps to absorb the heat, thereby prevent deterioration of the parts.

Fuel Filter

The best way to prevent dust and water to get mixed in the fuel is to regularly change the fuel filters of the machine.