How to Buy the Best Aluminium Ute Canopies

Aluminium Ute canopies are one of the essential things you can have for your vehicle, especially if you love hiking or carrying tools. Apart from offering an excellent storage facility, the canopies make your car look beautiful, and it increases the resale value of your vehicle.

Many people buy the aluminium Ute canopies for various reasons. Regardless of the reason, you need to buy a Ute canopy that will serve you well and will last longer. Aluminium is a lightweight, durable, rust-resistant and abrasive resistant material. That implies that it is the best material to make a canopy for your Ute. 

While this might give you confidence, still there is work to do: finding a canopy that can perfectly fit and suits your car, and from a well-known manufacturer. So what should you look at?

Size of your Ute

You need to get a canopy that perfectly fits on the size of your vehicle. Manufacturers create Utes based on the standard size of the car model. So you need to buy a Ute typical to your car model. If you own a Toyota Hilux, find a canopy that fits it precisely. It should not hang, and neither should it fit from the sinner side.

Smaller canopies will allow water and dust to enter your Ute. Similarly, it will not offer security as required, which defeats the reason why you bought them.


There are different shapes of Ute, and so are the shapes of the Ute canopies. You can select the shape of the Ute based on some features, including taste and preference – you will choose the shape that appeals to your liking. Simply, this is what you like.

Again, the shape of the Ute must match the shape of your car, so that you have something that looks nice and will last with your vehicle.

Use of the Aluminium Ute

Primarily, what are you going to carry in your Ute? Much as aluminium is sturdy, you need to consider the weight and the security of substances you wish to carry.

Keep in mind that a Ute canopy comes with windows and doors. If you plan to carry perishable substances, you’ll need a Ute that allows sufficient ventilation. Besides, the windows, especially the front window when left open can reduce the tendency of dust from being “sucked” into the canopy

Other factors

The other important factor to keep in mind is the joinery mechanism of the canopy. A canopy that is made by an expert has little joint issues. Did you know that most water and dirt get into the Ute canopy through hinges?  A Ute canopy that is well made minimises on the unnecessary spaces that may let in water or dust.

People believe that aluminium is the best material to make Ute canopies. Indeed, it is. However, some manufacturers may play dirt game. They may sell low-quality Ute canopies, and they’ll call them high-quality aluminium Ute canopies. This is devastating, isn’t it? How does it feel about buying a Ute canopy, only for it to rust a few months?

Do not make a purchase before verifying the authenticity of the seller. To get true information about the seller, you can read reviews, check their websites, and better still, as them for their past records. CSM Service Bodies supply aluminium ute canopies. They are one of the most trusted sellers of ute canopies.