Various Land Surveys Handled by Mining Surveyors

While it is obvious that mining surveyors are crucial in handling mining surveys, they have the experience and training to perform a range of surveying hats when the need arises.

Yet, as the name suggests, mining surveyors scope underground resources and mining locations when they do mining surveys.

Boundary Survey

Boundary or cadastral surveys establish your property’s dimensions and boundaries. This type of survey is typically used by landowners and property developers to know the exact locations and boundaries of their properties before starting work on them.

Boundary surveys are crucial and should be done before construction as a way to define lawful land ownership. Having this survey done by mining surveyors prevents community opposition or boundary disputes that can spell the loss of money and time.

Mining Survey

The risk of a prospective mine not possessing resources is avoided when a mining survey is conducted. Other crucial information that is provided by mining surveys includes the dimensions of the mine and its tunnels. This very important information provides the safest way to work the mine.

The mineral variability and location of ore bodies are also figured out by the mining surveyors. Crucial information provided by the mining survey is assessing the ore grade. This information helps in managing all the mining activities from hauling, excavation, and blasting.

Topographic Survey

An area’s man-made and natural structures are defined when a topographic survey is implemented. This type of survey is crucial for both architects and engineers to enable them to suit their designs based on the land’s condition as well as work around the natural obstructions.

A topographic survey provides all information about a certain area to include sloping land, creeks, and trees. Landscaping, barriers, building, and fencing elements are also identified by the survey.

Hydrographic Survey

All forms of waterways from rivers, oceans or creeks are covered by the hydrographic surveys. This kind of survey is commonly used by investors, government agencies, and developers. The information provided by the survey helps them to implement measures for navigating through these bodies of water.

Construction Survey

Often used for large scale man-made structures, high rises, and subdivisions, the construction survey provides information on the best locations to set up columns, grid marks, floor slabs, and footings.

Environmental Planning Survey

The ever-changing environment and the changes in climate make the environmental planning survey important and timely. Using this type of survey offers the best way to monitor and study the various aspects of nature and wildlife.

When it concerns mining operations, environmental planning surveys are performed to ensure work follow environmental laws. Mining businesses are more likely to produce toxic waste in their operations. Implementing an environmental planning survey helps to minimise pollutants from contaminating streams and soil.

Location Survey

The location survey works similarly to boundary surveys. This type of survey ensures that any planned new developments in a property will not obstruct easements. A location survey is an important survey to get when you are thinking of buying or selling land or begin construction of a new home. Zoning permits or loan applications usually require this kind of survey.

It can be surmised that mining surveyors perform a wide range of surveying applications. It is because of the training, education, and experience in doing various land surveys that made them the ultimate specialised mining surveyors – Surveyors at Work.